Recruitment Philosophy

Our enrolment strategy secures around meritocracy and drawing in the best abilities from best grounds (Engineering universities and head MBA foundations the nation over). Exciting and enthusiastic people are selected and furnished with quickened worldwide vocation openings. To incite worldwide practices in our frameworks we methodically recruit experts from over the globe for our operations.


Thorough introduction to work

To prepare new participants and to make them familiar with our qualities and convictions, we organize directional and instructive programs which centre around strategies, policies, benefits, practices and a broad perspective on understanding our businesses and processes. We pay special attention to ‘introduction to work’. Depending on the nature of the job, every task includes a hands-on introduction period of one to four weeks. Getting acquainted with the various units and operating methods of the organisation continues in different forms for several months


Development opportunities

In addition to internal and external training, we support continuous learning by arranging opportunities for exchange of duties and job rotation. Employees expand their skills in different development projects, and we also encourage them to further their education. Our active initiative scheme is one example of the ways by which everyone of us has an opportunity to participate in the development of our own work


Global exposure

We make sure our employees are connected to the rest of the world by giving exposures that are intended to investigate forefront advancements and provide an opportunity for our employees to comprehend and find out about new and useful procedures around the globe.


Rewards and Benefits

Umang Boards Limited's reward philosophy is to provide market competitive salary and benefits in order to attract and retain the best talent. We persistently benchmark our compensation strategies with industry peers.


A caring workplace

As a workplace, Umang Boards limited offers its employees an excellent community spirit. Employees help one another and work together for a common goal. The meaningfulness of our work, continuous improvement of our operations, support for well-being at work, and investments in introduction to work and development of competence all bolster good community spirit.