Pre-compressed Insulation laminated press Boards (High Density)

Grade: - UB-HD(L)-3.1

 Confirming to IEC 60673-3-1 -Type LB. 3.1A.1 
Board is produced by laminating Pre-compressed Insulation press Boards (UB-HD-3.1) produces this boards the both aqueous and non aqueous glues are used for the purpose. This boards has higest electrical and mechanical strength. in line diagnostic for metal particle detection and thickness controlled is employed .This board finds typical application in pressure rings, static rings, beams, clamping plates and support strips

Characteristic features

• Made of 100 % Electrical grade Sulphate Pulp
• Natural –coloured
• High purity and mechanical strength.
• Low shrinkage and Compressibility.
• Good compatibility with liquid dielectrics strength


Umang Transformers Boards Grade UB-HD-3.1 Laminated can also be used in all type of Power and Distribution Transformers



Technical Specification