Calendered Press Boards ( Low density)

Grade: - UB-LD-2.1

Confirming to IEC 60641-3-1 (B-2.1) 
 To impart special properties of Calendered press board a hot air dryer and sequencing calender is used , this process is also minutely controlled and in line diagnostic for metal particle detection and thickness controlled is employed .This board finds typical application in curved parts , stamped parts and small dia cylinders.

Grade: -
UB-LD-2.1 Confirming to IEC 60641-3-1 (B-2.1) 

Characteristic features

• Made of 100 % Electrical grade Sulphate Pulp
• Natural –coloured
• High purity and mechanical strength.
• Low shrinkage and Compressibility.
• Good compatibility with liquid dielectrics strength


Technical Specification