Pre-compressed Insulation press Boards (High Density)

Grade: - UB-HD-3.1 -

Confirming to IEC 60641-3-1, Type B. 3.1 A

This is a board of highest mechanical and electrical strength and dimensional stability; we use latest technology to have exact control over profiles at the wet end in the board machine. Use of inline metal detection guarantees metal particle free board.

Characteristic features

• Made of 100 % Electrical grade Sulphate Pulp
• Natural –colored • Very hard and rigid board
• High purity and mechanical strength
• Low shrinkage and Compressibility
• Good compatibility with liquid dielectrics strength
• Its surface bears a cloth mark.


“UMANG” UB-HD-3.1 Grade Transformer Boards is recommended to be use in all types of Power and Distribution Transformers.

Grade UB-HD-3.1 is available in below Sizes:



Technical Specification