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About Umang Boards Limited

UMANG BOARDS ,  is the one of the India`s leading technology companies established in 2001 , Umang Boards successfully developed manufacturing of most competitive and advanced Transformer Insulation Products. Our core competency is in the development and production of Customized solutions for high-temperature applications and cellulose based insulation systems.
Umang Boards in association with its Technical and management team have earned more than 10 years professional experience in manufacturing insulation for high voltage transformers. We manufacture all the technical insulating components according to the specific requirement of the clients. We provide :-

  • Electrical Insulation Transformer Boards (Pre Compressed Press Boards) in sheet form .
  • A wide range of special Machine & Moulded   insulation components.
  • We are presently the only company in India with capability to produce non-metallic particle Press Boards.
  • Our Press Boards length is in Machine Direction which gives our Press Board extra strength for Strips, Spacers and other Components used in transformers .
  • Leading supplier of transformer board, molded and machined parts, sets and kits , corrugated Boards and electrical insulation paper , crepe paper & tubes , DDP paper etc  .

Umang Boards realize our responsibility towards quality of our products and trust of our clients. We possess highly qualified and experienced technical team to produce Press Boards (Pressboard) of international eminence. We get the assurance of product quality at various stages manufacturing process we have established a well equipped test laboratory which controls quality parameters both in the production process as well as in the finished product. Lastly, final inspection by Quality Control Department is done prior to dispatch. We use most efficient operating system and follows strict quality control in the selection of softwood pulp, water and other raw materials.

 Umang Boards produces different grades of Press Boards (Pressboard) conforming to different specifications of Bureau of Indian Standards and International Standards, viz., IEC 60641-3-1 (B-3.1), JIS C 2305, DIN 7733, BS 231-1975 & IS - 1576 _1992.

Umang boards has successfully consolidated internal and external resources to enhance competitiveness and raise industrial status over the few years, as a result the business structure has taken a concrete shape.
If you are looking for genuine press boards manufacturer and service provider in INDIA, we assure you excellent Quality, Services, Technology and Value for Money & Time along with the best prices in competitive markets .